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At iba, from 15 to 20 September 2018 at the Fairground Munich, visitors can take a look at exciting bakeries in Germany, Greece, Iceland, Austria and the USA, and watch how good artisan bread is made there. This is made possible by the new iba.Virtual Bakery Tours in Hall B3.




Munich, 23 July 2018 – With the new virtual bakery tours, visitors can immerse themselves in successful bakeries all over the world by using VR glasses. Concepts, work processes and the artisan bakers behind the respective business ideas are presented in 360-degree short films: What is it that distinguishes them, what makes them special, and to what extent can visitors to the trade fair use this in their own operations? Within seconds you’ll find yourself in bakeries in Vienna, Herrenberg, Düsseldorf, San Francisco, Reykjavik and Athens. “We sent a film team around the world to be able to screen this pilot project at the trade fair and are especially proud to show off iba’s digital competence, thanks to the latest technology,” explains Claudia Weidner, iba 2018 Project Manager. “It’s going to be marvellous!”


Tartine Bakery, San Francisco


Every day, long queues form in front of Chad Robertson’s bakery in San Francisco.
Founded in 2002, Tartine Bakery has long been an institution in the Mission District with its baked goods, sweet specialties and snacks. “We have a full-day bakery, cafe, restaurant, bar and ice-cream shop,” explains Robertson. And the visitors are
always right in the centre of the action. “The entire production takes place behind glass. Customers can watch how everything is made and prepared.” Baking takes place throughout the day, so there are always fresh, warm baked goods straight from the oven. “That has become one of our trademarks.” He attaches great importance to creativity and is always looking for new recipes, ingredients and ideas. He learned that from friends who work as chefs. “They’re always looking for something new and love experimenting,” he says. The iba.Virtual Bakery Tours is one of the ways in which he wants to introduce this enjoyment into the baking community.


Sandholt Bakery, Reykjavik


Ásgeir Sandholt is the fourth generation running the Sandholt Bakery in the heart of Reykjavik. The bakery was founded in 1920 by his great-grandfather and is one of the oldest existing bakeries in Iceland. For Ásgeir Sandholt, who was already flitting through this bakery as a small boy and today is one of the best bakers and confectioners in the world, this heritage is an obligation. Because he remembers traditions and relies on real craftsmanship to surprise his customers again and again with new ideas. Sandholt Bakery specialities include sourdough breads, pastries and cakes. There are also homemade lemonades, craft beers and pastas. “It is important to me that everything is made authentically and honestly. Therefore, we prepare everything ourselves, processes have not been shortened and no baking mixes are used.” And he gives the products time, the time it takes to achieve first-class results.


Joseph Brot, Vienna


To Joseph Weghaupt, owner of Joseph Brot in Vienna, strokes are very important. For his bread. In his factory, doughs are kneaded unhurriedly using stroking motions. This captures good air inside the dough. One hundred percent manual labour, organic ingredients from Austria, and lots of time and passion stand behind the concept of Brotmanufaktur [bread manufactory]. “It’s not about price, only about enjoyment and quality,” he says. Double baking makes his bread particularly unique: “For me, the crust is pure taste, so we bake our bread twice. This gives us a crust that stays crispy for a very long time.” In 2009 he founded his bread manufactory. He now owns four other branches in Vienna, where he is one of the most popular bakers. “Customers come to us saying the bread tastes like it used to. It gives me goosebumps because I know we did a good job.”




Bäcker Baier, Herrenberg


For Jochen Baier, owner of Bäcker Baier, it was always clear: his company, which has been going for six generations, can only survive in the baked goods market if it becomes a brand. So, in 2016 Baier opened a new bakery with a shop and café, which combines the 180-year baking tradition of his family with the latest technology. Bread and bakery products are baked here daily for his shops and for organic markets, butchers and restaurateurs. Baier relies on good raw materials and ancient grains from the region. “We work with one of the oldest farms in Baden-Württemberg, which grows the grain for us. Old varieties that hardly exist today,” he says. His highlights include traditional specialties such as pretzel rolls. He’ll present all the other things that he inspires his customers with at the iba.Virtual Bakery Tours.


Visitors can experience the iba. Virtual Bakery Tours in Hall B3, where they will set off on their journey with Oculus GO glasses. For those who would like to meet the bakers in real life as well: They will be in the iba.SPEAKERS CORNER in Hall A1 on Sunday, 16 September from 3.30 p.m. to 4.25 p.m.


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