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Re-useable Confectionary Packaging

Danish candy and confectionary producer Carletti this year chose a UniPak container from RPC Superfos for its Halloween trick-or-treat bucket, thanks to its attractive design and usefulness for later storage.

Decorated in vivid orange, the 2.3 litre injection moulded polypropylene trick-or-treat bucket features a black handle and a transparent lid that allows shoppers to see the ‘Big Ben’ toffees inside. It can also be used, once empty, for storage of sweets and toys.

“Retailers appreciate strongly coloured and attractive goods at their points of sale for Halloween,” explains Bonna Clausen, Product Manager at Carletti. “Therefore, we opted for UniPak, and are very happy with it. “The bucket looks cute, and clearly displays our company name and one of our most important trademarks. We trust that many customers will re-use the bucket for storage, and through this, they will bear us and our products in mind for longer.”

Carletti produces high quality candy and chocolate and has an annual turnover of approximately €53 million.


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