Revolutionary Convotherm maxx pro free-standing units



Revolutionary Kitchen Technology: Convotherm maxx pro free-standing units set new standards



Kitchen equipment must meet different requirements today: they should operate efficiently and resource-efficiently, be easy to use and clean. These appliances are essential for establishments that produce large quantities of food, such as corporate catering, the care sector, or event catering.

This is where the new maxx pro free-standing units come into play: they not only work efficiently and sustainably but also offer many other smart functions and features that ensure outstanding performance and efficiency in modern production kitchens.

The new Convotherm combi oven generation of the premium maxx pro family, which includes the new free-standing units, sets new standards in terms of efficiency, operational safety, and inclusion in kitchen operations. What’s more, they work sustainably by saving up to 80 percent of water and up to 16 percent of electricity *1

High performance and improved efficiency for large kitchens

The maxx pro free-standing units have been developed as powerful and extra-large production assistants. They feature smart functions that can be grouped into four management systems that ensure the best cooking results: they can cook manually or automatically using Press&Go and have an intuitive User Interface (UI).


They also excel thaks to IntelligentSimplicity across all features and functions, providing added value specifically for large kitchens, such as the patented disappearing door, which provides a high level of operational safety and space efficiency.

IntelligentSimplicity applies to all areas that are important for daily work in large kitchens.



For instance, we have introduced a new feature that brings significant value in hectic kitchen operations and creates inclusive work environments: the built-in device status floor light is visible from afar and displays the device’s operating status in three colors, making it immediately recognizable to every employee.

With this innovation, Convotherm signals greater inclusion in the workplace by supplementing the auditory signal with light to clearly indicate the operating status.

Sustainability has also been considered during the overall development of the maxx pro free-standing units. Existing original accessories from previous models can be easily reused for the free-standing units. Banquet and loading trolleys, trays, grates, skewers, or condensation hoods are compatible with the new models. The “made in Germany” quality seal also guarantees a durable and robust construction.

Smart Features

Other useful functions and features of the maxx pro free-standing units that bring relief in large professional kitchens and include:

• Full connectivity: With the Connectivity function, the Convotherm maxx pro easyTouch free-standing units can be connected via WiFi and LAN to enable diverse data management options, including HACCP data.

• A third front foot allows for height adjustment and provides additional stability in uneven production kitchens. The optional loading ramp also compensates for uneven floors when inserting the loading trolleys.

• ConvoSmoke, the optional fully integrated smoking function: The patented closed system of the Convotherm combi ovens allows for odorless hot and cold smoking.


” With the maxx pro free-standing units Convotherm is once again setting pioneering standards in the field of combi ovens for highly productive kitchens. These powerful and efficient units are the perfect partners in demanding production kitchens.

The difference lies in intelligent solutions and technologies that help save energy and water and also ensure efficiency in all areas,” says Arndt Manter, Director Product Management at Welbilt for Convotherm.



The Convotherm maxx pro free-standing units are available in various versions, including Spritzer and Boiler, Electric and Gas, 20.10 and 20.20, Marine, and Prison.

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*1 Compared to the previous model, the Convotherm 4 Deluxe Spritzer


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