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SAAFFI – Calling all flavorists



Calling all flavorists whether you are working with sweet or savory flavours. This presentation is for YOU!






SAAFFI – Calling all flavorists – this presentation is for you.

Adding heat to your product and Vanilla/Vanillin – the Global picture.
Wednesday 28th July 2021, 09h00 to 12h30




Sensory scientists have known for decades that chilli burn is something different from taste and smell – something more like pain. When you call a chilli pepper “hot”, that’s not just an analogy, rather your mouth really is being burned. That’s a sensation, not a smell or taste, and it passes to the brain through nerves that handle the sense of touch.

Vanilla flavouring is in our bakery, confectionery, ice cream and dairy products. It is sweetness personified. Bottles of vanilla flavouring are staples in flavour laboratories and pantries alike, and there is hardly a flavourist or home baker in the world who creates delicious, sweet products without the use of some form of vanilla.

This training, will take delegates on the journey to answer the two questions:

• What does the term sensory “heat” demand from the flavourist?
• Where does vanilla come from and how can it be used


Presenters –



Anna Cheely
Chef and Senior Scientist at Kalsec, finds culinary-based solutions for customers, from seasoning and sauce manufacturers to FMCG companies. She holds a Master of Science in sensory and food science. In her current role she combines the world of culinary techniques and knowledge with food science to give customers multifaceted solutions.



Silvano Mulas

Holds a Master’s degree in food chemistry and is currently key accountant manager for leading global food company, Solvay. As Distribution Manager EMEA, he is responsible for implementation of the global group strategy, development of natural molecules and antioxidants and market intelligence activities in food & feed market.


The training will be conducted ONLINE followed by an ONLINE live Q&A session.


Come prepared with your questions.





General Information

09h00 – 12h30, Wednesday 28 July 2021

R600 pp for SAAFFI members (one free place for each SAAFFI member company)
R750 pp for non-members of SAAFFI


Bookings close Friday, 23rd July 2021
Payment due by Monday 26th July 2021


Language of Instruction



Invoicing by ‘Sharon Bolel & Associates’ on behalf of SAAFFI.
Invoices emailed in response to bookings. Attendance contingent upon payment.


Your unique online link will be sent to you on confirmation of booking and receipt of payment.


Cost includes:
A certificate of attendance issued by SAAFFI and course notes where applicable.


Your unique online link will be sent to you on confirmation of booking and receipt of payment.






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