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SAAFI – Short Course – Consumer Research with Food and other Products



Short Course – Consumer Research with Food and other Products


The short course will be presented by world-renowned Sensory and Consumer Scientist, Dr Herbert L. Meiselman from the USA.






University of Pretoria

6 – 8 August 2019

Sensory and Consumer Research has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, moving from pure sensory research to a broad array of tests involving the psychology of the consumer and the place where testing and product consumption are done. Thus, testing used to focus on the product being tested, but now includes the consumer and the environment.

This course is designed for anyone doing product development and product testing, especially for foods but also for any consumer products (including personal care products and home use products). This course is suitable for people new in the field, or experienced in the field; almost everyone will learn some new methods.

The course will run for three full days, with coffee breaks every morning and afternoon, and a break for lunch.
The course will include interaction/discussion between the instructor and the class; there will be exercises using some of the methods.

This course is an excellent way to examine the broad range of new methods being applied in product development and product testing including the following: psychographics, emotion testing, testing in different environments.


This training is suitable for people involved in product development or product testing for foods and beverages, home care products and personal care products (any consumer product). Also people involved in product marketing, and in health and wellness as affected by products and by diet

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