Seydelmann Mixer-Grinder for sale

Seydelmann Mixer-Grinder  PG 160 for sale. The versatile Mixer-Grinders can either be used as rational Mixers, as Grinders or as Mixer-Grinders.  Mixer-Grinders help to save space, electricity and personnel and are used, e.g. for pre-mixing, standardization and grinding with the production of hamburger products, dry sausage and other minced meat processing.


High quality Sydelmann Mixer Grinder offered for sale.

Seydelmann Mixer-Grinders PG 160

Model PG 160 mixer-grinders with hole plate 160 mm dia. and 1800 l hopper volume

Mostly of solid stainless steel.

2 mixing axles each driven by 2-speed 3-phase gear motor, independently switchable forward and reverse, at high and low speed. The product is optimally and gently mixed by the special arrangement and position of the paddles. In the discharge direction, short spirals are mounted to the paddle axles for gentle and fast discharge.


At the display, which is separately mounted in a stainless housing, the interval time is set and displayed by 2 time settings, i.e. the shift from forward to reverse gear, as well as the total mixing time. Program control with adjustable interval and mixing time for a maximum of 10 processes, or program control to program various mixing speeds and mixing intervals, for LIC or LIN injection, for vacuum or total mixing time on request.


Discharge via the pneumatically operated discharge flaps, or via the grinder housing with 160 or 200 mm hole plate diameter is possible only with the loading bin BW 200 pushed in. This allows the use of the machine both as a mixer-grinder or a rational mixer.

This offers options that otherwise are only available with two separate machines. For example, premixing, standardization and grinding, then reloading into the machine for mixing with additives, then discharge through the pneumatically operated discharge flap.

The screw, screw housing and bayonet lock of the mixer-grinder are made of solid stainless steel. Mechanical wear of the stainless steel screw housing is largely prevented by a special hardening process of the internal housing surfaces.

The work screw is fitted with a short-term reverse gear. This allows it to return small quantities of the mixing product to the mixing process.

The mixed goods can easily be controlled from a stainless safety working platform normally mounted on the right.


All machines are mostly made of stainless steel and welded without joints. All edges are rounded. The drives of the mixer shafts, gear motors, pneumatics and pneumatic cylinders of the discharge flaps are covered. Easy cleaning is possible.

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