The 2018 World Master Bakers!

From 3rd to 5th February, the much-anticipated Masters de la Boulangerie organised by Lesaffre, took place, at the heart of the Europain show in Paris. Artists-experts in international baking, also visionaries and pioneers for their profession, three new elite bakers have just been awarded the honorary title of 2018 World Master Baker.



When a coach becomes a mentor more than a trainer, when a candidate cries tears of delight at having surpassed themselves, when the public proclaims their admiration in front of mind-blowing creations, when a “taster” thinks “dessert and tasting” while eating a piece of bread… well, then we are witnessing a real turning point in the baking profession!    By attributing 40% of the decisive and final scores to novel and differentiating challenges, the Masters de la Boulangerie competition highlights inventiveness, exploration, risk taking and the element of surprise to offer a 360° vision of the profession. Today, the World Master Baker title is much more than a trophy. It is the commitment of one man or one woman to pass on their passion, their vision and their know-how to future generations to promote the profession from a new point of view.

Gourmet bread making

The first (young) woman to achieve such a title, Déborah Ott was spotted in 2008, as the Best Young Baker in France. She wants to live her passion, and in particular to share it around the world by passing on her know-how. She produces works of art, “jewels” or “haute couture”, putting her noticeable and truly feminine stamp on the craft of gourmet bread making.





Nutritional bread making

5th generation of a family of bakers, in 2015 Peter won the Louis Lesaffre Cup Europe in a team, his springboard for the Masters de la Boulangerie. The motto of this father-of-three: “A return to source with a touch of inventiveness”. Which can be found in his Bake & Dine challenge, “The Tasty highlight”, an eye-catching bread in a bread that was a visual feast.





Artistic bread making

The son of a baker, Peng-Chieh strives to surpass himself in baking competitions, which “train perseverance and moderate thought”. His artistic piece, “Taiwanese Folklore Art”, is the bakery expression of his vision. “Perseverance is one of the most remarkable values in our religion.”






Experts in international baking, visionaries… There were five jurors under the aegis of Johan Sorberg, their president, to select the best bakers in the competition.












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