The Roff DGX Degerminator Delivers Real Returns



The Roff DGX Degerminator, which offers incredible returns on the miller’s investment.



The Roff DGX 155/175 Degerminator is a ground-breaking maize degerminator with a patented horizontal pressure chamber design that ensures gentle detachment of bran and germ from the endosperm in maize, resulting in improved extraction rates.

Its design allows for consistent Amps during operation, making it much easier to adjust and operate, plus ensuring much lower maintenance costs than comparable products.

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This compact machine’s exceptional performance-per-kilowatt therefore delivers ultimate efficiency, savings, and superior extraction rates for increased profitability, along with optimal bran and germ separation. With affordable servicing and low maintenance requirements, it’s an easy-to-set-up machine that integrates seamlessly into any maize milling process, keeping owners ahead in the competitive market.


Says Koot Jordaan, Sales Director at Roff Milling: “The DGX has exceeded our expectations as far as extraction rates are concerned. It fared particularly well during the last year that had a high rain fall which yielded softer maize kernels, which is a challenge for degerminators.”

The Roff DGX 155/175 Degerminator really is a game-changer for the maize miller set on increasing his extraction rates, and reducing maintenance costs to as low as R9 500 ($500) per 10 000 tons.

Increased profitability
Since its unveiling at the 2022 Nampo Harvest Day agricultural expo, the DGX 155/175 Degerminator has been extensively tested and is performing better than ever. Today, Roff has the statistics to prove that the DGX Degerminator delivers a significant return on investment (ROI) – and maize millers can even use a ROI calculator designed by Roff to crunch the numbers for themselves.

The DGX Degerminator allows millers to increase their mill’s capacity while reducing electricity usage, which results in significant cost savings. This means millers can recoup their investment in as little as three months.

By investing in a Roff DGX Degerminator, maize millers can look forward to:
• Higher capacity (for example: on a Roff R-70 maize mill, capacity will increase from 4 to 5 tons per hour)
• Lower electricity usage with a power saving of 10 to 20%
• Improved extraction rates by 1 to 3%
• Reduced maintenance costs by 69%
• Quick installation in just 1 to 2 days

Whilst the DGX 155 has a 55kW motor and can deliver an output of 4,5 to 6 tons per hour, the DGX 175 boasts a 75kW motor and has an output of 6 to 7 tons per hour.

Main features
• Patented horizontal pressure chamber design
• Exceptional performance-per-kilowatt for ultimate efficiency
• Significant power cost savings
• Superior extraction rates for increased profitability
• Simple setup and integration into any maize milling process
• No need for expensive electronic controls; it requires only constant feed
• Quick installation time
• Lower maintenance costs
• Affordable servicing after 20 000 tons

Discover the incredible impact a DGX Degerminator upgrade can have on your profit margins with our easy-to-use ROI calculator: CLICK HERE ……..


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