Top 5 Essential Tools for the Beginner Buttercream Baker



Many of us put aside our diets to indulge in the glorious, frosted goodness that is buttercream icing during the Christmas season in the name of celebration and cake. But buttercream can be piped into so much more than a simple slather of deliciousness, it can be a legitimate art form, covering cakes in edible artistry that is a feast for the eyes and the stomach.







Here is a list of all the tools the buttercream beginner would love this Christmas:


Grace Stevens Branded Apron



Half the fun of icing is enjoying the innocent mess you make in the process. Inevitably, most beginners squeeze their piping bag too hard in the beginning, which can lead to a glorious oozing mess of buttercream. Bake in style with this signature chef’s apron without the danger of ruining your favourite Christmas outfit. And as a bonus, it is made from a light-weight viscose, to keep you cool in the kitchen.


Grace Stevens Cake Testers



These adorable Cake themed cake testers are not only a perfect and delightfully old-school way to test that your baked good is cooked to perfection in the centre, but also makes the sweetest inexpensive gift for the beginner baker in your life.


Grace Stevens Class Voucher


Learn all the tips and tricks from a lifetime of baking from Grace Stevens. Watch as this bubbly baking boss teaches you how to mix the perfect consistency, load your piping bag, how to pipe a simple rose, 5-petal blossom, easy leaves and how to arrange your buttercream flowers into a floral masterpiece that won’t set off your allergies.


Offset Pallet Knife



An offset pallet knife to the cake decorator is like the teabag in a cup of tea. They are ideal for, mixing colour and smearing on a gorgeous smooth blanket over the surface of your cake. Smaller pallet knives are ideal for beginners as they are easier to control and this one from CAB foods even comes with a non-slip handle to prevent any accidents.


Turn Table



Turn tables are not just for DJ’s and potters. A good turntable for placing your cake allows you to spin the entire cake around while decorating, giving you more control to make sure you never miss a spot and can get the smooth finish you want.

Everyone has some delightful and delicious culinary dream, and it is surprising how even the smallest decorations on a cake can take it from delicious to decadent. So, spoil your sweetheart and sweet tooth this festive season. Because after all, there’s nothing better than cake…except maybe more cake.


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