Greater transparency: A top trend for 2018

Food trend analysts predicting trends in the new year have identified a desire for greater transparency in food products as a long-term consumer demand that affects packaging for a host of baked foods and snack products.

Several trend-watchers, in their forward-looking reports, have noted that shoppers will continue to seek clear information about their foods.

Relying on insights from its global buyers and experts, Whole Foods recently released its take on upcoming food trends and predicts that consumers will seek more information about the foods they buy and that manufacturers will label their products accordingly. Calling the trend “Transparency 2.0,” Whole Foods said this next phase of transparency involves consumers learning the real story behind their food and how it got to the store.

“GMO transparency is top-of-mind, but shoppers seek out other details, too, such as Fair Trade certification, responsible production and animal welfare standards,” the report stated.

That move toward visible transparency is also affirmed by Mintel’s report on key food and drink trends for 2018. “Companies are expected to be fully transparent about their ingredients, production processes and supply chains,” Mintel’s researchers said. The move toward transparency and packaging that meets consumer demand is based on distrust from consumers concerned about food recalls and scandals, as well as the growth of natural and organic product launches. 

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