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IRP’s Conveyor Belt Innovations Bringing Cost Savings and Increased Efficiencies to the Bakery Industry.


Bread production is very competitive in terms of production costs, which need to be kept to a minimum. Highly automated processes are used to reduce overall operating costs and maintenance costs are kept to tight budgets. Due to the harsh and aggressive production environment, serious wear and tear on equipment like bread pans and conveyor belt failures in the production process can have very significant knock-on effects for overall productivity and efficiency.



IRP Engineering Plastics locally manufacture a series of Bakery specific conveyor belts, namely the 2540 HPP series and 1270 Series belts that have been specifically designed and developed to bring the Bakery Industry the solutions to counteract aggressive wear and tear when conveying bread pans and reduce conveyor belt failures in the general conveying and packaging areas of the bakery, thus providing significant cost savings and increased efficiencies in the production process.


IRP’s 2540 HPP Series and Pan Conveying
IRP’s 2540 HPP series is manufactured using a unique High Performance Polymer which delivers a conveyor belt with properties that can handle high and excessive heat, high wear, high impact and high load.
Increased Wear Life of Bread Pans
Research has shown that when comparing the conveying of metal objects on St-Steel or steel belts compared to conveying the same metal objects on plastic belts, conveying metal objects on plastic belts yields a decrease in wear friction of 35% on the opposing metal surface. As the case in the Bakery industry when conveying bread pans on St-Steel or metal belts compared to conveying bread pans using IRP’s 2540 HPP series belt, using IRP’s 2540 HPP series belt will yield a significant decrease in friction and wear to the opposing bread pan surface thus significantly increasing the life span of bread pans in the Bakery production process.
Decrease Load on Motors and Decrease in Power Consumption
The 2540 HPP series delivers high performance properties at a meter by meter weight that is half the weight of traditional St-Steel chain. This reduction in weight adds further advantages and cost reduction by reducing working load and extending the life on drive motors as well as reducing power consumption.
Decrease in noise levels
The 2540 HPP series has proven to drastically decrease operating noise levels during the production process.
Simple Conversions from St-Steel to 2540 HPP
The 2540 HPP series has been specifically designed to easily and directly replace its equivalent St-Steel version of chain which means a very simple conversion with minimal downtime for installation. All existing chasis, wearstrips, guides and bends can remain installed on the conveyor when converting to 2540 HPP, only the chain, sprockets and idlers would need to be replaced to convert to 2540 HPP.
– Increase wear life of pans
– Decrease load on motors and reduce power consumption
– Decrease noise levels
– Simple Conversions

IRP’s 1270 Series (12.7mm pitch belt) and Bread Conveying
IRP is proud to have launched their new 12.7mm pitch belt, the 1270 series is a light duty belt used for general bread conveying and packaging. This new belting development brings innovative features and added benefits that is fast making this belt a superior choice to use in the Bakery Industry.
Designed with a unique and patented “Self Collapsing Pin” allows the pin to locate on both sides of the belt for a double pin retention system, this system removes the risk of the pin ever exiting the belt in application which is the major cause of snag ups and belt failures.
IRP have also designed a unique “double tooth” sprocket which engages the teeth of the sprockets on every pocket area of the belt which drastically improves the “grab” factor on the belt and reducing any sprocket slippage. Sprockets are easily installed and can be placed anywhere on the belt without fear of misalignment etc.
– Patented Self Collapsing Pin
– Superior double pin retention system
– Less snag and belt failures
– Double tooth sprockets for improved “grab”
– Easier installation of sprockets

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