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Durban, 22 July 2019. Pasta consumption is growing in Africa and, with it, the number of innovative brands on the market.





One of the most exciting success stories is Pasta Joy – a European pasta which is sold at an affordable price, according to Mohammed Essack, Executive Director of the Pietermaritzburg based International Food Group (IFG). The company has been adding a variety of FMCG brands (including those in the instant noodles, peanut butter and oats categories) to its portfolio over the past four years.

Essack says that although pasta has long been regarded as a traditional Italian staple, actual consumption figures point to it being one of the most commonly served contemporary meals. Food lovers around the world describe pasta as a canvas to which a wide variety of cultures can add their traditional condiments, making it their own.

According to data from the Nielsen Co, global pasta consumption rose 0.6% in 2017 on the back of increased awareness of a need for healthy eating and wellness. A report by the International Pasta Organization (IPO), indicated that this trend is expected to continue with the most dynamic growth markets being Asia (which grew 8.6%) and Africa (which rose by 2.6%).

Right now, according to the IPO, the biggest market for pasta is America where around 2.7 million tons of pasta is consumed annually, with a per capita consumption of 9kg. Whilst Italians live up to their reputation as the kings of pasta with annual per capita consumption averaging 23.5 kg. Even when compared to the likes of France (8.1 kg), Germany (7.7kg) and Britain (3.5 kg), South Africa’s estimated average consumption of 1.9kg per capita, is evidence of the growth potential of the category. South Africa is already the second largest market on the continent after Tunisia, according to Essack.

In comparison, South Africans consume traditional staples such as maize and wheat, at 60kg per and 56.76kg, per capita, respectively. However, urbanisation, a growing middle class, convenience and product innovation have driven the growth of the pasta category in recent years.
Pasta Joy – contains a higher protein than the average soft wheat pasta, – is produced from premium quality soft wheat sourced from the heart of Europe.

It is no surprise that pasta also forms part of recommended eating plans for patients managing diabetes, heart disease or even obesity – provided that it is consumed in appropriate amounts with kilojoule controlled portions.

As Essack points out; pasta is quick and easy to prepare for those who either don’t enjoy long stints in the kitchen or are tired after a long day’s work, making it the perfect modern day meal. Given the versatility of pasta and it’s endless meal combinations, there is no better way to eat more vegetables, legumes and other healthy foods.


Pasta Joy is available in spaghetti (500g/3kg), macaroni (500g/3kg), penne (500g), fusilli (500g), elbows (500g/3kg), shells (500g) and linguine (500g) from select retailers in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Namibia. Pasta Joy is also supplied to the catering and food service industry.






About International Food Group


International Food Group is a Pietermaritzburg based, family owned business. The company is an importer of various FMCG brands that are distributed throughout Southern Africa. The company has been in business for over four years and has earned the confidence of major retailers. All products are manufactured according to global standards, under license of International Food Group (Pty) Ltd. The company is a proprietor and distributor of high-growth FMCG brands, with the flagship brand being Pasta Joy. The company also provides private label management for major retailers.

Brands include: Pasta Joy, Joy Instant Noodles, WOW! Peanut butter and Early Morning Oats

For more information kindly contact Mohammed Essack, of International Food Group.


Source – Shirley Williams Communications 


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