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ROFF Industries launches the new, compact R-10 maize mill


ROFF Industries proudly introduces the ROFF R-10 – a compact maize mill that can produce super maize meal at 24 ton per day and 540 ton per month.


“The R-10 is ideal for any entrepreneur that would like to enter the maize meal market on a small scale,” says ROFF Industries’ director, Isak de Necker. The R-10 offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the retail market with a maize mill that delivers a competitive advantage with top quality maize meal and excellent extraction rates.

This new design is smaller, but still a complete mill packaged in the R10 box. “It’s challenging to design a cost effective small mill since you still need all the milling processes of a large mill to ensure the same top-quality maize meal, but our design team rised to the occasion – and their dedication to innovation is embodied in the R-10”, says Charl Marais, managing director of ROFF Industries.

The R-10 is almost half the size of the flagship R-70 and occupies only 80m2 – which is ideal for smaller operations. If applied in smaller communities through community based mills the R-10 can be instrumental in serving consumers by giving them access to the top-quality maize meal they deserve.

An additional advantage of the R-10 is that it’s based on a containerised mill, which means it can easily be traded in with ROFF when the entrepreneur is ready to upgrade his R-10 to a R-70.
As with the R-70, ROFF Industries offers complete assistance, from supplying to project management and full turnkey services. The installation of the R-10 can be completed within 10 days and pre-assembly takes place in the ROFF factory to ensure quality.

The R-10 is simple yet functional and comes standard with all the necessary equipment and parts. The only components the client has to provide is the building, a water point and electrical supply to the panel. The R-10 box contains everything you need to process maize into quality maize meal. Like all ROFF mills, the R-10 is reliable and the operation is low maintenance and efficient.
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