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Trace Pan – The solution to every bakery’s pan management challenge


The system that allows bakeries to trace, track, monitor and manage their pans more efficiently and proactively, thereby improving quality issues, decreasing pan downtime, maintenance delays, and loss of throughout.

The Trace Pan management system provides bakeries with an effective tool to monitor pans with accurate live data enabling management to assess pan coating life, line efficiency and pan usage.
Pans are marked with their unique 2D code and pan number when manufactured at IBCO. Within the pan code basic data is stored such as pan description, coating applied and coating life expectancy. This is stored onto a secure database.

Sensors are installed on bakery conveyors which are connected to the internet whereby data is automatically uploaded to a secure website. Here the data is converted to a dashboard to easily review, run analytics, and download reports in various formats. Each individual user is given personal login details for website security.



Powerful KPI analytics are generated and communicated easily for proactive and effective decision making such as:

  • Number of bake cycles/ loaves baked in a certain time period
  • Bakery performance which the manager can assess from days, to weeks, to months.
  • Pan coating cycles and coating life expectancy
  • Total banks scanned in timeline
  • Inactivity KPI figures are displayed through pan gaps in the line, allowing bakeries to assess lost loaves and line inefficiency.


Trace pan enables bakery management to securely and effectively monitor their pans from anywhere using mobile devices linked to our web-based dashboard. Trace Pan is fully mobile, so the power of the system is in your pocket – the information you need to ensure you can monitor and execute.


Trace Pan features a fast, intuitive dashboard interface, with which you can effortlessly trace your pans and bakery performance from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer – perfect for a manager on the go.

Trace Pan makes pan management easier and more efficient. Now a bakery can take control of its pans, scale the pan lifespan and control supply with confidence.

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